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Steph [userpic]
Request and a Question:

Hey guys! I've recently been reintroduced to the love I have for one of my favorite series of books ever--Sweet Valley High--and I was wondering if anyone either has any icons for the books or could make any.
I wish I could make them myself but all of my books are currently in storage and I have no way of getting them out. *pout* I would be much obliged if someone could help me out.....OMG I just said 'much obliged', I am such a geek! LOL

I know that there are some icons from the tv series out there, but I'd really like some from the books if that's not too much trouble.

Also, I was wondering if I made icons for the characters with pictures of other people that I think fit the characters if I could post them here? They would be based on the book characters not the tv characters (most of which I think were totally not what I envisioned when first reading the books). Would that be acceptable and would anyone want to see them?

Thanks in advance!!! :D

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Question: Yes, definitely - so long as it's clear that they're about the books. Sticking a name on the icon should be more than sufficient.

I noticed no one really answered you, so here goes:

I would definately not want to see any Sweet Valley High Icons.

Make Playboy Icons. I'd want to see them.

I've got some SVH icons from the book covers! I have the majority of the books, so I will eventually, have them all up. They're only basic pictures of the book covers, but I am working on giving them a different look.

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