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Sweet Valley High (books 1-20)

I've made some icons from the book covers of the YA series Sweet Valley High. Only the first twenty books so far, but more to come as I get around to doing them.


Please comment if taking. Credit isn't necessary but would be highly appreciated :)

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

9 10 11

12 13 14

15 16 17

18 19 20

texture credits can be found in my user info



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I'm not taking any, but those are great! The memories!!! LOL

These are cute. I used to be a big Sweet Valley High fan in middle school.

You've got to post these on Journal Fen.

::sigh:: I remember thinking SVH was the coolest thing (WAY better then Saved by The Bell. after all it was a book series and who lies in books?) and I had all the books (most of them in harcover though). all the SVU ones and most of the SV Twins series too come to think of it. After high school I just kinda handed the entire trunk over to my sister to read since she was hitting that age (that along with Babysitter's club and nancy drew...).

but ah the memories! now I want to re-read book 7: dear sister. the first book I ever read of the series...i'm taking that icon by the way thanks!

I loved SVH growing favorite was Lila's Story.

My obsession was The Babysitter's Club though.

Boy, do these icons bring back my early teens.

omg wow. these icons and your icon and wow.

(lately, i've been obsessing over why the hell the twins look like jane curtin.)

ah, the nostalgia. i want to take all of them, but for now i'm taking 1, 2, and 8. thanks.

I'll be adding some more in a couple of days :)

Credit for my current icon is in it's keywords (for those who commented on it).

OMG....I have all of these books. And I wore them out, from cover to cover. I loved SVH!

I've just been transported back to my junior high days. Hee!

This takes me back. I haven't decided which ones to take, so I'm adding this to my memories for now. Any that I use will totally be credited to you.

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