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9 icons for "A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo"

1.bundo4.jpeg 2.bundo7.jpeg 3.bundo2.jpeg
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mukkianglia [userpic]

Made a few batches of Outlander icons a while back.

1. 2. 3.


Sally M [userpic]
Icons - General Ones for Reading

As part of a reading and writing batch.

01. 02. 03.
Twentytwo of them, this way...


liadtbunny [userpic]
Sci-fi icons x 39

missing love

Icons made from sci-fi magazine and novel covers over HERE.

mukkianglia [userpic]

Went a little crazy making Outlander icons.
01. 02. 03.
More in HERE.
Comment, credit, enjoy.

Sally M [userpic]
Georgette Heyer Icons...

The first six are quotes from her books, the last four just Regency phrases that she made her own. All of the pictures are from the Regency journal La Belle Assemblee (which she did mention in her books quite often :)

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Sally M [userpic]
Reading, Books and Writing...

Simply because :) A handful of each along with a few flower ones :)

01. 02. 03.
More this way...

Sally M [userpic]
A Handful of Icons from Gothic Romance Paperbacks

01. 02. 03.
The icons, and the site the originals came from, are this way...


fillesaime [userpic]
39 stock icons featuring books & reading (some NSFW)

( some icons contain nudity / NOT SAFE FOR WORK )


Lon [userpic]

44 icons and 13 banners with:

01 - 20 Little My (The Moomins)
21 - 44 Stock (Christmas, U.S. christmas stamps)
45 - 46 Little My (banners)
47 - 57 Stock (banners)

 photo mi1_zpsa7ff5cfb.png  photo mi15_zps85e7c1ea.png  photo mi8_zps405e6a04.png

* comment
* credit
* blank icons are not bases
* do not hotlink
* enjoy!

MORE @ my livejournal

Thanks and Cookie

Holiday Icons

35 winter holiday themed (mostly Christmas) icons from classic books, children's books and vintage magazine covers


Follow the link for more

The Charcoal Burner [userpic]

It's been years since I posted here and it looks as if the community is no longer
very active but here goes...

A few icons from medieval manuscripts - demons, men in armour, a guy with a
beak etc. Take, credit, alter at will.

Aix 1551a Aix 1548 016209

The rest are here.

mukkianglia [userpic]
Outlander icons

Outlander icons over at my icon journal.
Comment, credit, enjoy.

01.roguem-claire-5 02.roguem-jamie-3 03.roguem-jamieclaire-15

( Travel through the stones. )

location: Norway
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SIP [userpic]
15 Halloween Book Icons

I have about 15 Scary Book Icons on my Halloween Page.
Some are animated, all are free to use anywhere.
Please credit nettlebrew

 photo Hallows27-nettlebrew.png photo SnapeHalloween-nettlebrew.gif photo Hallows25-nettlebrew.png  photo Punkin3-nettlebrew.gif

( It's as much fun to scare as to be scared ~ Vincent Price )

Currently feeling: amused amused
Currently listening to: Cal Tjader "Trick or Treat"

Sally M [userpic]
Icons from Scifi Paperbacks

Fourteen in all, as part of an icon post...

01. 02. 03.
More this way...


Ashoakandthorn [userpic]
55 The last unicorn icons

More here on Dreamwidth.

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Sally M [userpic]
General Reading and Writing Icons...

22 in all, as part of a post over at my lj :)

01. 02. 03.
More this way...

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mylengrave [userpic]
20 x harry potter

Available here.

mylengrave [userpic]
17 x hobbit, hunger games and more

 photo ideservethatmuch_zps4b98f8b3.jpg  photo watchouttheyarecoming_zps999e6fa5.jpg  photo lovehungergames_zpsaa2a44f1.jpg
Available here.

Darchangel Skye [userpic]

58 x Sweet Valley covers
textless are not bases

here @ _wc2k_icons

✖nothing and everything✖ [userpic]
25x icons (desolation of smaug)

icon19 icon05 icon17
see them all here @ dead_bites

Darchangel Skye [userpic]

47 x varied Sweet Valley covers
textless are not bases

here @ _wc2k_icons

SIP [userpic]
43 Assorted Halloween Icons

Scary Books
Spooky Dolls
Haunted Houses

 photo 4bc1f0c9-704d-4118-b0c0-15088dbbda38.jpg photo ba52857f-4d35-44fb-85a7-959d540ef47c.jpg photo HalloWindow-nettlebrew.png
( This is Halloween, This is Halloween )

location: A Haunted House
Currently feeling: bouncy bouncy
Currently listening to: This is Halloween

Darchangel Skye [userpic]

38 x international Sweet Valley covers

here @ _wc2k_icons

Darchangel Skye [userpic]

36 x international Sweet Valley covers

here @ _wc2k_icons

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