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Darla [userpic]
sweet valley high (dvd) icons!

I'm new... just thought I'd post some of my sweet valley high icons...

teaser:  Image hosted by

1. Image hosted by  2. Image hosted by  3. Image hosted by  4. Image hosted by  5. Image hosted by  6. Image hosted by  7. Image hosted by  8. Image hosted by  9. Image hosted by  10. Image hosted by  11. Image hosted by  12. Image hosted by  13. Image hosted by  14. Image hosted by  15. Image hosted by

Enjoy.  Comment and credit are greatly appreciated.  :)

Hopefully I'll get some other pictures scanned in from some of my other books and whatnot and have more icons for you soon.

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I knew wandering around begging icon-posters to crosspost would be useful.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how one should advertise a community. Man, we do need more Sweet Valley icons. That was my childhood!

Twas my childhood, too (and actually my present, as I am now going around collecting every single book ever written in the entire Sweet Valley world... from kids all the way up to the book that's going to be published later this year).

*squee* I think you're my new favorite person!!! LOL

The best part of this being that I just posted looking for SVH icons and then I saw your entry!!! That should be a reminder to me to CHECK entries before posting requests next time. Hee! Very very nice!

I was wondering if you could possibly make a Todd icon?? *crosses fingers* Maybe? Hopefully? Please? :D

Of course I can make some Todd icons! I love love love Todd... I wish he were my boyfriend... him or Conner (I'm falling in love with SVH Senior Year!). Anyway, do you have anything in particular you want it to say, or a preference on pictures? Gimme some specifics and I'll get right on it.

Yay! *g* Erm actually just any of him from the first season.....bases and/or text on it. Actually *ponders* Since his favorite thing to say during the first season seemed to be "I'm going to kill him!" could you make one that says that? LOL Thank you my new favorite person! :D

sorry this took so long...

Image hosted by

How's that one?

Re: sorry this took so long...

I LOVE it! :D Thanks so much!! Awww, Todd is so adorkably cute!!!

(Sorry it took me so long to reply. I didn't realize you had posted this! LOL)

Re: sorry this took so long...

He definitely is cute! *swoon* haha. Glad you like it :)

There was a movie of Sweet Valley High? When did it come out? I think I missed that one.

No, there was a tv series. And the first season came out on DVD about a month ago or so. We're pushing for seasons 2-4 to come out now (over at the sweetvalley community). It's kinda cheesy when you watch it now, but still good times.

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