Grand High Supreme and Mighty Empress Connie (conuly) wrote in book_icons,
Grand High Supreme and Mighty Empress Connie

All right. It hasn't been a full day yet, but the results are still pretty clear.

See the nifty poll?

Since there really is no way to tell what percentage of icons are visible, we have to take that on faith. So I propose this as the modification of the rule:

If you wish to post here with a link to a locked journal/community (promising that book icons are in that journal), you must show a minimum of five icons in this journal. Additionally, at least half of the book-related icons should be visible outside of the locked journal/community. Entries which do not follow this rule will receive comments requesting an edit. If you continue to violate this rule, your entries here will be deleted on sight. It is acceptable, however, to turn a previously unlocked post linked to from here into a locked one after a period of no less than two weeks. Those posts, due to their age, do not need to be as stringent.

Any link to a locked post must be marked as such. Entries which violate this rule will be deleted.

I don't want to chase people around trying to determine if their posts fit this rule, so I definitely would rely on people telling me or Jazzy about them. You can always contact me by posting in my journal. As for Jazzy (dandelion), you can do the same, posting in her journal.

The only problem I have with the rule now is that the wording I chose is a little less clear than I'd like. Please suggest improvements if you have them.

Edit: Okay, it looks like everybody's clear on this. I'll update the rules in a little bit.
Tags: community related, polls, rules

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