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Sarah, like a pop star on a benzodiazapene [userpic]
One 'House of Cards' icon.

I was terribly saddened to hear of Ian Richardson's death. His portrayal of Francis Urquhart is one of my favourite roles ever.

Since 'House of Cards' was also a book, and I made this icon a while ago, I thought I'd post it here for anyone else to use.

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Comment and credit is nice. :)

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I thought of firing off an angry email, and was beginning to write one up, when I realised that they'll take the scroll off soon anyway and focus on Anna Nicole Smith because who actually cares about people who have talent? /sarcasm

Not enough people, alas.
Apparently a gold digger is far more important than some actor. /sarcasm, which may well be the lowest form of wit but is certainly the most satisfying.

Hear, hear! I use sarcasm far too often. Dry wit is better, of course, but I'm only an Angophile, not an actual Breton (though, oh, great hopes of moving there, marrying someone named Piers (it's a long story) and living in an original Tudor somewhere between London and Cambridgeshire), so I can't nearly be as witty as my idols across the pond.

Please don't tell me you're attracted to the ex-editor of The Daily Mirror, because he is a cock and I don't want to fancy him but I do.

The scrolling bar on Sky News has mentions of Cadbury recalling some products, the bird flu turkeys, flood warnings and the news that someone else is claiming paternity to Anna Nicole Smith's child. No mention of Ian Richardson. I may have to bite my knitting.

Oh, no, not him. Heh, actually, I first discovered the name from Mazo de la Roche's book series 'The Whiteoaks of Jalna' which is set in Ontario, Canada. I loved the character and the name Piers. I've been an Anglophile for as long as I can remember and always wanted to move there and marry a British fellow, so I just adopted the name Piers as the name of my future husband. It's been so long that it's quite a joke in my family and with friends. (I even gave him a last name and different personalities that match up the stability of Windows platforms. I'm a bit of a writer myself, but my studies are actually Mythology and Folklore with a focus on the British Isles and, mainly, Faeries.)

I miss Sky News! I haven't been to in the UK since 2003 and I miss it so much! But, really, Murdoch, have more sense! I can't believe they didn't mention a national star like that!

Thank goodness! Sounds fab - hope you get to move here. We could use more people who care more about actors than Playboy models.

Thanks! I hope to, one day soon. :)

The death of both are equally sad--it's not her fault the media is feasting in her death.

I agree that the loss of human life is sad. It just annoys me how the media are more interested in someone who was famous for being famous.

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