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Darchangel Skye [userpic]
books- international Sweet Valley Book covers, post 3

102 x international Sweet Valley book covers
textless are not bases

here @ _wc2k_icons

Lon [userpic]

98 icons and 21 banners with:

01 - 33 Pacific Rim
34 - 78 Winnie The Pooh
79 - 98 Stock
99 - 111 Winnie The Pooh (banners)
112 - 119 Stock (banners)

 photo pooh126_zps5eee04d2.png  photo pooh155_zpsa2b6e5f9.png  photo pooh131_zpsd729628f.png

* comment
* credit
* blank icons are not bases
* do not hotlink
* enjoy!

MORE @ my livejournal

Thanks and Cookie

Lon [userpic]

80 icons and banner with:

01 - 42 Pacific Rim
43 - 49 Suits
50 - 54 Fringe
55 - 64 Classic Winnie the Pooh
65 - 80 Stock
81 - 81 Pacific Rim (banner)

 photo pooh116_zps7d3553bb.png  photo pooh110_zpsf13e5da7.png  photo pooh118_zpsbc4924f7.png

* comment
* credit
* blank icons are not bases
* do not hotlink
* enjoy!

MORE @ my livejournal

Thanks and Cookie

The Charcoal Burner [userpic]

I've made three batches of icons from medieval manuscripts: here, here, and here.

Credit is nice.

januaried [userpic]
186 icons [Star Wars book cover art & Star Wars graphic novel]

[022] Lawrence of Arabia
[017] Six-String Samurai
[020] Supernatural
[002] art from William Shakespeare's Star Wars
[124] art from Star Wars Omnibus: A Long Time Ago... vol. 3

2013-08-06-23.00.50b 2013-08-07-22.05.09 spn0023

186 icons here at januaried

Darchangel Skye [userpic]

International Sweet Valley Book Covers, post 2
161, United Kingdom and United States
pictures from Complete Sweet Valley

here @ _wc2k_icons

Darchangel Skye [userpic]

international Sweet Valley Book covers, post 1

227, separated by country
pictures from Complete Sweet Valley

here @ _wc2k_icons

Sally M [userpic]
A Set of Quotations

Based on The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

01. 02. 03.
A dozen in all, this way...

lost_spook [userpic]
31 Georgette Heyer text icons


 photo heyerundone_zps99ac3ef5.png  photo heyerbutton_zpsd7bb725f.png  photo heyergothick_zps4367230d.png

31x text icons here @ lost_spook

Hopeless Wanderer [userpic]
29 Les Misérables (2012) Icons

20 Les Mis icons for inspired20in20 + 9 variations.


the rest @ my journal

fortesque [userpic]
98 icons - The Hobbit (An Unexpected Journey + The Desolation of Smaug)

51) 68) 89)

HERE @ cunning_croft

furriboots [userpic]
Miscellaneous Children's Book Illustrations including Winnie the Pooh and Beatrix Potter


 photo wp15.png  photo a.png  photo pb2.png

Icons under the cutCollapse )

liadtbunny [userpic]
World Without End Icons

Icons x 31 made using photos from the television adpatation of Ken Follet's World Without End
romance liadtbunny kingsbridge dude

Over HERE @ liadtbunny

Cleopatra [userpic]
35 Icons from 50 Shades of Grey

[6] Stock Icons - lips
[21] Text icons - random
[35] Text Icons - 50 shades of grey

RULES: Credit. Comment. Hotlinkers suck and all that jazz.
NOTES: I think I saw a mis-spell somewhere, but now I can't seem to find it...


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Here they be!!

liadtbunny [userpic]
Anne McCaffrey Book Cover Artwork

Icons made using the cover art from Anne McCaffrey's Pern books
whitdragonliadtbunnyweyrsroeliadtbunnyGet Off the Unicorn (2)dragonflight-cover
Here be dragons 50 x icons @ liadtbunny

fortesque [userpic]
The Hobbit - 51 icons

06) 15) 25)

HERE @ cunning_croft

Pulp Horror Icons for Halloween

30 Icons from horror books, movies and comic books


Follow the link for more

Sally M [userpic]
Some Bookish Icons....

That I did as part of a month of iconing in naarmamo - three Margaret Brundage covers from Weird Tales, two Asterix Cleopatras, four pictures taken from the covers of SF paperbacks, four pictures from Costume Cavalcade by Henny Harald Hansen, and two general reading and writing icons...

the others under the cut...Collapse )

lost_spook [userpic]
89 BBC Shakespeare Icons

89 Icons from the BBC Shakespeare (1978-1984): The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Richard III, Measure For Measure, King Lear, Julius Caesar, Henry V, Henry IV Pts 1 & 2, Cymbeline and As You Like It. (Including some text icons.)


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

89x BBC Shakespeare icons HERE @ lost_spook

☆ jessica [userpic]
31 icons

Game of Thrones, Suits, Teen Wolf, Sherlock

here @ nailbites

inboots [userpic]
9 icons

5 Moomin
4 The Secret Garden

More here.

Ashoakandthorn [userpic]
102 the Last Unicorn comic icons

→HERE @ Dreamwidth


Roxanne [userpic]

Harry Potter House Quotes
1-19 Gryffindor
20-41 Hufflepuff
42-73 Ravenclaw
74-100 Slytherin
101-124 House Combinations


( Mischief Managed!)

i aim my arrows high [userpic]
Jane Austen: Book Title/Cover Art

Total Icon Count: 25


Icons Here! )

O [userpic]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries / BSC/Mean Girls

31 Baby-sitters Club/Mean Girls
14 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (TV Series)

I've tried to keep the Phryne icons as spoiler free as possible ♥

Find the rest HERE at thesilverstrand. Credit would be appreciated! ♥

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