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The Book Icon Community

Where you go to post book icons

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As you may have already guessed, this community is about sharing and making icons about books.


What constitutes a book_icon?

An icon is suitable for posting in this community if:

- it is based on artwork, recognisable fanart, or a quote from a book, author, poem, or graphic novel

- it is based on a quote or a screencap from a movie version of a book

- it is not book related (or is from a fanfic) but there are book-related icons in the same post

- it is not about a specific book, but it is about books in general

Moodthemes, friends-only banners, and requests are also allowed subject to the same guidelines. These are not categorised by subject in the memories, however, unlike the icons.


Please review these rules carefully before posting. There is no excuse for not knowing the rules of this community. If you are unsure of a rule, you can always ask one of the maintainers. If your post is breaking a rule, and includes a phrase such as "I don't know if this is okay...", it will be deleted.

Entry format



Linking to locked posts

Spoiler Policy


If you're looking for a specific icon, please feel free to check the memories.

If you have a suggestion for the interests list, or any other suggestion for the community, you can make a post here or comment on conuly's journal.

Complaints about the behaviour of other members of this community should be directed to the maintainers: conuly and dandelion

If you do not know how to post images (e.g. icons) in your entries, please read this FAQ. Please note that any image you wish to post on LiveJournal must be hosted on a site that allows for remote loading from LiveJournal. More information on remote loading can be found here. If you have a Paid account, you can use Scrapbook, which is a photo hosting service provided by LiveJournal.

About the user pictures of this community

Credit for the user pictures of this community is given here and here.

Credit, and many thanks, go to dandelion for designing our community's style.

This image can be used to link to the community:
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