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I'm finally, finally, finally catching up on my backlog of posts-to-memory. What is that, a year now since I've done this? Sheesh.

To speed up the process, I'm going to break with my usual policy and not add any post to memories or tags if they don't have visible icons.

I've got a few requests.

The first is simple - when posting, please try to add a subject line to your entries. Something like "Harry Potter Icons" or "Phantom of the Opera" or "LotR!!!!" or even "This character is soooo hawt!" will be terrific and help me sort out which entry goes with which memory. Nobody wants to look up Harry Potter in the memories section and then find that they ended up with Lemony Snicket icons because I couldn't remember which entry I was putting in memories.

This isn't a requirement, it's just a nice thing to do.

Secondly, please, new members - before you post, read the rules, especially the ones concerning how many icons can be visible on people's friends lists. They're linked to on the user info. I hate being the bad guy and telling people to stick their icons behind a cut. Most people follow that rule, and nobody's been too upset about it - but I still would rather people read the rules before I have to correct them.

Thirdly, hey! How's the community working out for you? It's been a while since I've posted, so I'm curious. Any trouble happen since I've been gone? Any complaints you need to mention? Anything you think could be improved? Alternatively, anything you think works really well, and you just have to share?

This community always is a lot bigger than I realize, and it seems so... well-behaved, especially for an icon community. I want to make sure as many people as possible are happy with it :)

Oh, and finally - I'm going to be scrolling past the last month or so, picking out the people who post most often (or whose icons I especially like, because that's just how I work), to grant them the dubious "privilege" of being able to make up new tags. I implore everyone to tag their own work, when possible. If you can't, feel free to tell me what new tags are needed. I'm trying to get everything straightened out so that stuff is relatively easy to find. Tags and memories are helpful with that.

Edit: There's last December done. One whole month, yeah!
Edit again: Second month down! Now I'm working on last October. (After I get all of last year's entries, I'll work on this year.)
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A few things...

Some related, some... less so. But hey, it's my comm, I can break the rules a tiny bit.

1. Remember, we have that mood theme contest.

2. I'd like to place a request for any Maurice Sendak or Sandra Boynton icons. I love me my picture books.

3. I'm so happy that youse guys are polite and spoiler-free... at least, I haven't seen any evidence otherwise. Hugs and kittens.

4. Okay, now that I'm back on top of things, mostly, a nice list of similar comms would be much appreciated, if anybody has any to mention.

And slightly off-topic....

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A few reminders....

1. We do have a mood theme contest going on. Be sure to submit so I don't have to pick the only entry by default.

2. I'm bored, so I am going to get around to posting a list of similar/related communities soon. Suggestions are appreciated.

3. Harry Potter comes out soon. There is no excuse for not knowing the spoiler policy. There's no excuse for ignoring the common-sense supplement to the spoiler policy either. This goes for all books, of course, but doubly so for popular books.

4. That's not to stop discussion on entries which already have spoilers in them. If you don't want to be spoiled, don't click to read the comments on entries with spoiler warnings.

5. *hugs* Love youse guys, really. I know I didn't have to post any of this, because I don't think we've ever had real asshattery here. Well. Once. No, twice. But neither time counts, because those people are gone now.

Edit: This is the right journal, right?
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Hi all!

A few things.

1. I've been busy and a bit depressed, so none of the most recent entries are in the memories yet. I'll get to that soon, I promise.
2. We've still got this mood theme contest running! Enter! I implore you!
3. As we all know, the new Harry Potter book is coming out soon. Please make sure you review the spoiler policy if you intend to post any icons about the book. For your edification, I'm going to post the logical extensions of the spoiler policy in an lj-cut. This isn't going to end up in the rules because it's all common sense. So, unless you think you need the help, you don't have to bother reading this:

Collapse ) This is all basic, and I'm glad I don't actually have to tell you all this. I'm only posting it here so that if somebody really does mess up, and doesn't think it's a problem, I can point to this entry to explain why I'm all upset.

I just want to be clear. If you spoil me on this book and/or start a flame war, I'll be pissed. That's not good for my health. This really goes for all books, of course, but popular ones get greater scrutiny because, duh, popular.

Thank you for your time.
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Now that we're in the four digits...

I'm thinking we should have a contest to celebrate. And what do you know, we don't have a mood theme.

I have some ideas for rules for this contest. If everybody agrees to these rules, I'll start it in a couple of days.

1. Mood themes can't concentrate entirely on one book or book series. This is book_icons, not discworld_icons or youngwizards (which is a fine community, by the way.) Needless to say, they also can't concentrate on one author.

2. They can, however, feature individual books in individual moods, if this is how you want to do it. For example, you could use the cover of the first Harry Potter book, where he's capturing the snitch, for "happy", and then use the cover of a Lurlene McDaniel book for "depressed". Something like that.

3. Or, of course, they can feature books and reading in general. Whatever.

4. Because we seldom have need for most of the moods when posting in this community, mood themes shouldn't be clearly book_icons mood themes. Any user who has a paid account should be able to use one for their own account. This means they probably shouldn't all say book_icons at the bottom - though they can if you want them to.

5. Winner gets their mood theme used in this community. AND, as a special treat, they get to help me add tags to all the old entries! Won't that be fun? (Okay, as a special treat, I'll never ask you to help me again. Happy now?)

6. Contest lasts from the time it's opened until a few weeks later, and then another week or so for voting. So, what, a month? That's enough time, I hope.

Comments? Questions? Think this is a bad idea?
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Tags, and 999 members. Who, who, WHO will be our thousandth member?

I assume you all read news. If you don't, you should. It's a good way to keep on top of new things happening on LiveJournal. (Please note that news is *not* the place to go if you need help with LiveJournal. That place is the support area. If the FAQs don't help you, you can open a support request. This tangent has been brought to you courtesy of Doing Too Much Support.) Ahem. Since you all read news, you know that tags have gone live.

What does this mean? Collapse )

Edit: Yes, I'm aware that you can't add tags using the community's main style. Try http://www.livejournal.com/community/book_icons/?style=mine and see if that works better. This'll be fixed. Promise.

Edit again: You'll note that out of the entries I've gotten to, they don't all list all possible (and correct) tags. This is because I'm lazy. I'm asking you kind people to help me out and help tag these entries with the existing tags. Either pick a day from the calendar, or a subject from the memories, and help help help. Comment here if you have a tag you'd like to see, but I haven't added it.

Edit the third: Please comment with your complaints, questions, and other things. I always get nervous posting these, like I'm being a bit of a pest. (Don't comment just to say otherwise, please. Then I'll feel bad)
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Remember this?

Finally, I've edited the rules.

As always, please review them to make sure you know and understand them. Violaters will be fed to the dragon mocked loudly politely asked to follow the rules.

On a slightly more serious note, it took a while to edit this rule because somebody had made the reasonable comment that additional rules may eventually lead to us unreasonably banning certain types of icons on whim. I would like to state that, while this is a reasonable fear, I think it is unlikely for two main reasons. First of all, because I believe our complicated "discuss every issue to death, and then vote on it" system will inhibit such destructive impulses, and secondly because both dandelion and I are lazy. We're not going to add rules just for the fun of enforcing them because that's not fun.

I want to clarify here that while we are serious about every last rule on that list, enforcement of the vast majority of them depends on somebody reporting to us that there's a problem. And since we're all capable of pretending to be mature individuals here, I would also like to add that you are within your rights to politely inform somebody of the rules before you tell us about them. (Unless you can't be polite, in which case you should contact a maintainer instead of deciding to backseat-mod.)

If you have any complaints, comments, or questions about the rules, please tell us here! Remember, this isn't my community except in a technical, dreary sense.