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Sabriel News (plus some icons)

I know that this post doesn't have any icons. However. I wanted to share this news with you guys anyways, and I hope that is ok. Because it's book related.

Garth Nix has made a recent announcement concerning a film adaptation of Sabriel. If you wish to read about the news, then I suggest reading this article here (http://www.publishingnews.co.uk/pn/pno-news-display.asp?k=e2008041313110003&tag=&cid=&pge=&sg9t=a0f5bdc5d2742a86df787eb3062fcf6d). Or if you want a slightly condensed version I wrote an entry here (http://remembrancer19.livejournal.com/35583.html) at my journal.

Until next we meet,

Edit: I was kindly given the chance to keep this post here if I added some icons. So here are some Sabriel icons of various covers!

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