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Like a paperback novel

1 - 14 Code Geass (anime)
15 - 22 Death Note (manga)
23 - 37 Final Fantasy Versus XIII
38 - 49 The Old Kingdom Series series by Garth Nix (quotes)
50 - 60 Vampire Knight (anime/manga)
61 - 66 Misc: The Dark Tower (quotes), Stock, Watchmen (graphic novel)

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Am I on another level?

I made a small variety of icons and one banner. As always, please feel free to give feed back. Comments, in general, are welcome. Take what you will, just remember to credit when/where used. No hotlinking. And, of course, enjoy.

1 - 8 Dark Tower series by Stephen King (graphic novels/books)
9 - 20 Final Fantasy Versus XIII
21 - 31 Stock (autumn) ~ my photography
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1 Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix

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Where soul meets body

I said I would make more and here they are! I tried some new "techniques" with photoshop, so these are my first experiments with some new things. I actually really like how almost all of them turned out! Also note that there are a variety from different fandoms.

Please feel free to give feed back. Comment if you're taking. And credit when/where used. And no hotlinking, of course. Enjoy!

1 - 5 Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
6 - 15 Death Note, Yagami Light (manga/anime)
16 - 23 Duma Key by Stephen King
24 - 33 Final Fantasy Versus XIII, game

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